32 Facts About Aron Fraser Andrew Banks

1. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks claimed he led his own sales team at Norwich Union —now part of Aviva, but Aviva said they have no record of Banks ever having worked for Norwich Union.

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2. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks eventually moved into a junior position in the Lloyds' insurance market, where he gained his first exposure to the industry.

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3. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks started out selling vacuum cleaner appliances door to door in Basingstoke in the late 1980s.

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4. In 2015, Aron Fraser Andrew Banks told the FT that he was worth around £100m.

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5. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks is a shareholder in at least 20 UK registered companies.

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6. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks said he defected to UKIP because he agreed with its policies and its view that 'Europe is holding the UK back' as it's a 'closed shop for bankrupt countries'.

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7. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks gave three loans totalling £6 million on non-commercial terms to Leave.

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8. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was the largest donor to the pro-Brexit group Leave.

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9. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was the single biggest donor to the Brexit campaign.

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10. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks dismissed questions about his decision to base some of his firms in the low-tax jurisdictions.

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11. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks has a successful insurance business but his opaque finances have led some to ask whether the ultimate source of the Leave.

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12. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was offered a chance to invest in Russian-owned gold or diamond mines; the deal involved funding from a Russian state-owned bank, and was announced 12 days after the Brexit referendum.

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13. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks described the United Kingdom's parliamentary Electoral Commission as "the legal division of the In campaign" and disagreed with their decision to enlist Vote Leave as the official campaign.

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14. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks threatened to sue the official Vote Leave campaign's candidacy as the official spokesperson for the "Leave" vote in the 2016 EU referendum, which may have possibly delayed the vote by two months.

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15. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks said in May 2016 that his strategy during the Brexit campaign was to "bore the electorate into submission", in the hope that a low turnout would favour Brexit.

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16. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks said that "Economically, remaining in the EU is unsustainable.

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17. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks said that Britain's EU membership "is like having a first class ticket on the Titanic".

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18. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks said, "What [Goddard Gunster] said early on was 'facts don't work' and that's it.

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19. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks threatened Douglas Carswell with deselection in September 2015 when it emerged that Carswell supported Vote Leave, as opposed to the Leave.

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20. In October 2014, Aron Fraser Andrew Banks donated £1 million to the UK Independence Party and has since raised the equivalent of $11 million for the party.

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21. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks signalled his intention to stand for UKIP in the constituency of Thornbury and Yate at the 2015 general election, but the candidate chosen by the party was Russ Martin, who came third.

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22. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was previously a Conservative Party donor but in October 2014 decided to donate £100,000 to UKIP.

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23. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks has connections to companies based in Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, and close connections with family members of the Belizean Prime Minister.

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24. In 2013, Aron Fraser Andrew Banks paid £65,000 into the private bank account of Thesebe Maseribane, then the Basotho minister for women's equality.

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25. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks bought Old Down Manor from musician Mike Oldfield, converting it into a wedding venue.

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26. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was the chief executive of Southern Rock Insurance Company in 2014, which underwrites insurance policies for the website GoSkippy.

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27. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was its CEO from June 2011 to June 2012, at which time the company was listed on the Alternative Investment Market.

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28. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks used the money to found Commercial Vehicle Direct about which he says "within a very short period we were the largest van insurance company in the country".

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29. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was offered a junior job at the insurance market of Lloyd's of London.

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30. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was raised by his mother in Basingstoke, Hampshire; his father worked as a sugar plantation manager in various African countries.

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31. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks was one of the largest donors to the UK Independence Party and bankrolled Nigel Farage's campaign to leave the EU.

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32. Aron Fraser Andrew Banks is the co-founder of the Leave.

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