7 Facts About ABC

1. In contrast to Disney's other channels, ABC is broadcast in the United States, although the network's programming is syndicated in many countries.

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2. In 2000, ABC launched a web-based promotional campaign focused around its circle logo, called "the dot", in which comic book character Little Dot prompted visitors to "download the dot", a program which would cause the ABC logo to fly around the screen and settle in the bottom-right corner.

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3. On September 1, 2016, ABC began to use 16:9 framing for all of most graphical imaging, requiring its stations and pay television providers to display its programming in a compulsory widescreen format, either in high definition or standard definition; with the change, some programs (such as Grey's Anatomy, The Goldbergs and Quantico) began positioning their main on-screen credits outside the 4:3 aspect ratio.

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4. Since 2000, ABC has owned the television rights to most of the Peanuts television specials, having acquired the broadcast rights from CBS, which originated the specials in 1965 with the debut of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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5. In 1988, ABC constructed a new building to serve as the network's headquarters, located near the studios of WABC-TV on West 66th Street.

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6. In 1981, ABC launched the Alpha Repertory Television Service (ARTS), a cable channel operated as a joint venture with the Hearst Corporation offering cultural and arts programming, which aired as a nighttime service over the channel space of Nickelodeon.

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7. On January 12, 1966, ABC replaced The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet with Batman, an action series based on the DC Comics series starring Adam West that was known for its kitschy style.

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