10 Facts About AmRest


AmRest is a Spanish casual dining, fast-food restaurant and coffee shop operator headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

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Apart from Spain, AmRest operates in Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and others.

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AmRest is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2005 and Madrid Stock Exchange since 2018 with Mexican investor Carlos Fernandez Gonzalez as majority stakeholder.

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In 2006 AmRest bought the rights to seventeen KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants in Hungary and launched new Freshpoint and Rodeo Drive brands.

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AmRest debuted on the stock market in April 2005 and Yum exited the company as a shareholder.

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In May 2005 AmRest acquired 8 Big Food restaurants in Czech Republic, and rebranded them into KFC.

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In 2007 AmRest opened its first new Burger King restaurant in Poland, the first KFC restaurants in Serbia and Bulgaria and signed joint venture agreements with Starbucks about opening the coffee chain's stores in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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AmRest opened its first Starbucks location in Poland in 2008.

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AmRest has increased the number of countries in which it operates Starbucks after acquiring the coffee shops operated by Greek Marinopoulos Coffee in Romania and Bulgaria in March 2015.

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AmRest acquired the Sushi Shop restaurant chain in France in July 2018.

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