19 Facts About Indian Navy

1. The Indian Navy will commission its newest Freedom-variant littoral combat head of the Missouri River and takes its name from one of a group of North American Indian tribes that make up the Great Sioux Nation.

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2. The Indian Navy has been put on high alert for relief efforts.

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3. The Indian Navy has been put on alert for relief efforts with the cyclonic storm Gaja, approaching the coast of south Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, poised to make landfall on Thursday evening,.

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4. The Indian Navy was on Wednesday put on high alert in view of the cyclone.

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5. The Indian Navy was Wednesday put on high alert in view of cyclone Gaja approaching the coast of south Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, officials said.

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6. The Indian Navy has subsequently sent out an international RFP for up to 4 large landing helicopter docks.

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7. The Indian Navy is in the process of constructing a new naval base, INS Varsha, at Rambilli for its Arihant Class submarines.

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8. The Indian Navy succeeded in Mission Dakshin Dhruv 2006 by traversing to the South Pole on skis.

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9. In 2007, Indian Navy conducted naval exercise with Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force and US Navy in the Pacific, and signed an agreement with Japan in October 2008 for joint naval patrolling in the Asia-Pacific region.

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10. The Indian Navy conducted exercise with the People's Liberation Army Navy in 2003, and sent ships to the South China Sea to participate in the fleet review.

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11. The Indian Navy plans to have six nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines in service in the near future.

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12. The Chief of Personnel at HQ of Indian Navy is responsible for the framework of training, and exercises the responsibility through Directorate of Naval Training (DNT).

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13. The Indian Navy operates a monitoring station, fitted with radars and surveillance gear to intercept maritime communication, in Madagascar.

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14. The Indian Navy has berthing rights in Oman and Vietnam.

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15. In February 2011, the Indian Navy launched Operation Safe Homecoming and rescued Indian nationals from war torn Libya.

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16. In 2007, Indian Navy supported relief operations for the survivors of Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh.

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17. In the 21st century, the Indian Navy has played an important role in maintaining peace for India on the maritime front, in spite of the state of foment in its neighbourhood.

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18. In 1983, the Indian Navy planned for Operation Lal Dora to support the government of Mauritius against a feared coup.

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19. The first C-in-C of the Indian Navy was Admiral Sir Edward Parry who took over from Hall in 1948 and handed over to Admiral Sir Charles Thomas Mark Pizey in 1951.

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