54 Facts About Sir Vince Cable

1. Sir Vince Cable was appointed a Knight Bachelor in the 2015 Dissolution Honours for political and public service.

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2. Sir Vince Cable was the second politician to appear on the show, after Ann Widdecombe.

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3. On 23 June 2018 Sir Vince Cable appeared at the People's Vote march in London to mark the second anniversary of the referendum to leave the European Union.

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4. Sir Vince Cable ruled out the idea of electoral pacts in mid-April during the 2017 general election campaign.

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5. Sir Vince Cable has taken a sceptical approach to the question of potential coalitions with other parties since 2015.

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6. Sir Vince Cable has criticised the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, referring to its economics as "Venezuelan" and believes it is dominated by "anti-capitalist zealots".

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7. Sir Vince Cable has held differing views over time on the possibility of a new party emerging which could involve the Liberal Democrats.

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8. Sir Vince Cable warned that a post-Brexit trade deal with the US might lead to accepting lower standards in farming produce, less food being produced in the UK and less employment for farmers.

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9. Sir Vince Cable claimed this was unlike TTIP in which public services were to remain protected and therefore he argued the UK should remain in the EU.

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10. Sir Vince Cable supported the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership trade agreement, saying in 2014 that "if you are a true believer in free trade then you want to trade more with the US.

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11. Sir Vince Cable is a supporter of the Social Liberal Forum, a centre-left group within the Liberal Democrats.

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12. Sir Vince Cable believes his party should occupy the "vast middle ground", likening the political conditions of the UK with those of France.

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13. On 7 September 2018, Sir Vince Cable announced his intention to resign as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

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14. Sir Vince Cable supported the February 2018 USS strikes, calling for the government to underwrite lecturers' pensions, while refusing to cross a picket line at the Cass Business School.

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15. Sir Vince Cable claimed the policy could be funded from reform of capital gains, inheritance, and property taxes.

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16. In September 2017 Sir Vince Cable echoed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in calling for greater taxation of foreign speculators in the housing market.

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17. Sir Vince Cable is the oldest leader of a major UK political party since Sir Winston Churchill.

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18. On 20 July 2017, Sir Vince Cable became leader of the Liberal Democrats after facing no other competition.

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19. Sir Vince Cable announced on 18 April 2017 his intention to stand for his former seat of Twickenham at the snap general election.

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20. Sir Vince Cable had enjoyed the longest tenure as President of the Board of Trade since that of Peter Thorneycroft, which ended in 1957.

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21. Sir Vince Cable lost his seat, previously considered safe—with a majority of 12,140—to the Conservative candidate Tania Mathias at the 2015 general election.

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22. Sir Vince Cable described the coalition's attempt at fast, widespread reforms as being a "kind of Maoist revolution", and thought "we [the Government] are trying to do too many things.

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23. On this understanding, Sir Vince Cable agreed to issue export licences for a £200,000,000 order for the weapons.

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24. Sir Vince Cable stated he was then given specific assurances by the Ministry of Defence that the UK would be given oversight of potential bombing targets to minimise the risk of civilian casualties, including involvement in decisions, to a similar level given to the United States.

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25. In 2015, Sir Vince Cable refused to issue export licences for the sale of Paveway IV laser-guided bomb to the Royal Saudi Air Force over concern about how they might be used in the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.

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26. In 2014, during the Israel-Gaza conflict, Sir Vince Cable received criticism for his involvement in the signing off of arms deals to Israel, primarily concerning component parts used in the assembly of Hermes drones.

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27. Sir Vince Cable revealed that at a recent meeting of European economic ministers, a group of like-minded nations had formed in making these same demands.

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28. Sir Vince Cable said that although "Britain does have some world-class executives", investors had not seen a return "since the turn of the century" and claimed executive pay was 120 times that of the average UK employee, whereas it was only 45 in 1998.

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29. In June 2011, Sir Vince Cable said "rewards for failure" were unforgivable at a time when real wages were being squeezed across the country.

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30. In July 2010, Sir Vince Cable sought to reform credit lines amid a "significant demand" of smaller firms finding it harder to secure loans.

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31. Sir Vince Cable said the changes to Capital Gains Tax would help to fulfill the Lib Dem aim of bringing more "fairness" to the tax system: "It's very important that we have wealth taxed in the same way as income.

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32. At the 2010 general election Sir Vince Cable was again returned as MP for Twickenham.

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33. Sir Vince Cable was popular in the party and media for his attacks on the government's record over Northern Rock, HMRC's loss of 25,000,000 individuals' child benefit data and the party funding scandal surrounding David Abrahams' secret donations to the Labour Party.

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34. In May 2010, Sir Vince Cable declared his resignation as Deputy Leader to dedicate more time to his Cabinet role as Business Secretary.

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35. In 2004, Sir Vince Cable was a contributor to the economically liberal Orange Book, which advocated for policies such as greater private sector involvement in higher education and healthcare.

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36. Sir Vince Cable lost his seat in 2015, but regained it at the snap election in 2017.

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37. Sir Vince Cable entered the House of Commons after defeating sitting Conservative MP Toby Jessel in the Twickenham constituency in his second attempt, at the 1997 general election.

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38. Sir Vince Cable was the SDP-Liberal Alliance parliamentary candidate for his home city of York in both the 1983 and 1987 general elections.

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39. Sir Vince Cable became a Labour councillor in 1971, representing Maryhill ward, and stood down in 1974.

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40. In 2017, Sir Vince Cable became a strategic advisor on the World Trade Board for the annual World Trade Symposium co-organised by Misys and FT Live.

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41. Sir Vince Cable worked for the oil company Royal Dutch Shell from 1990 to 1997, serving as its Chief Economist between 1995 and 1997.

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42. Sir Vince Cable was present at the summits of 1985, 1987, and 1989.

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43. Sir Vince Cable served in an official capacity at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting of 1983 in Delhi, witnessing "private sessions at first hand" involving Indira Gandhi, then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lee Kuan Yew, and Bob Hawke among others.

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44. Sir Vince Cable was an adviser to the UK Government and then to the Commonwealth Secretary-General Shridath "Sonny" Ramphal in the 1970s and 1980s.

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45. Sir Vince Cable was involved in a CBI trade mission to South America at this time, engaging in six months of commercial diplomacy.

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46. Sir Vince Cable lectured for a time at the University of Glasgow and was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics, for a three-year period until 2004.

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47. Sir Vince Cable graduated in 1973 with a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Glasgow on economic integration and industrialisation.

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48. Sir Vince Cable was the President of the Cambridge Union in 1965.

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49. Sir Vince Cable was born in York, to a working-class Conservative-supporting family.

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50. Sir Vince Cable has recently announced that he will resign as Leader of the Liberal Democrats once Brexit 'is resolved'.

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51. Sir Vince Cable resigned from both of these positions in May 2010 after becoming Business Secretary and President of the Board of Trade in the Cameron–Clegg coalition government.

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52. Sir Vince Cable was active in the Labour Party in the 1970s, becoming a Labour councillor in Glasgow.

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53. Sir Vince Cable served as Chief Economist for Shell from 1995 to 1997.

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54. Sir Vince Cable was the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills from 2010 to 2015.

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