27 Facts About Stephen Douglas

1. Stephen Douglas is a significant character in the mash-up novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and appears in the film adaptation of that book.

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2. Stephen Douglas disagreed with the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision that Congress had no ability to regulate slavery in the territories.

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3. Stephen Douglas rejected the Republican assertions that slavery was condemned by a "higher law" and that the nation could not long survive as half slave and half free (Lincoln's position).

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4. Stephen Douglas was struck by illness in May 1861 and was confined to his bed.

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5. Stephen Douglas praised Lincoln's first inaugural address, describing it as "a peace offering rather than a war message" to the South.

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6. Stephen Douglas joined a special committee of thirteen senators, led by John J Crittenden, which sought a legislative solution to the growing sectional tensions between the North and South.

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7. Stephen Douglas rejected efforts to cooperate with Breckinridge, arguing that "any compromise with the secessionists would.

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8. Stephen Douglas said, "this government was made by our fathers on the white basis.

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9. In early 1856 Stephen Douglas inserted himself and the debate surrounding the Kansas-Nebraska Act into the Chicago mayoral election, where Douglas strongly backed pro-Nebraska Democrat Thomas Dyer.

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10. Stephen Douglas had hoped that the Kansas–Nebraska Act would help ease sectional tensions, and he was surprised by the intensity of Northern backlash to his proposal and to Douglas himself.

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11. Stephen Douglas envisioned a transcontinental country connected by railroads and waterways, with Illinois serving as the gateway to the West.

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12. Stephen Douglas helped pass a bill granting rights-of-way to the Illinois Central Railroad, which would connect Chicago to Mobile, Alabama.

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13. Stephen Douglas was re-elected to the House of Representatives in 1846, but the state legislature elected him to the United States Senate in early 1847.

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14. Stephen Douglas was one of four Northern Democrats to vote against the Wilmot Proviso, which would have banned slavery from any land ceded by Mexico.

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15. Stephen Douglas considered volunteering to serve in the war, but President Polk convinced him to remain in Congress, where he would serve as an advocate for Polk's policies.

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16. In early 1841, Stephen Douglas accepted election to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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17. Stephen Douglas joined a legislature that included five future senators, seven future congressmen, and one future president: Abraham Lincoln, who was at that time a member of the Whig Party.

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18. Stephen Douglas helped arrange the first-ever state Democratic convention in late 1835, and the convention pledged to support Jackson's chosen successor, Martin Van Buren, in the 1836 presidential election.

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19. Stephen Douglas quickly became disinterested in practicing law, choosing instead to focus on politics.

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20. Stephen Douglas was admitted to the state bar in Illinois in March 1834.

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21. Stephen Douglas was born Stephen Arnold Douglass in Brandon, Vermont, on April 23, 1813, to physician Stephen Arnold Douglass and his wife, Sarah Fisk.

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22. Stephen Douglas was a candidate for president at the 1852 Democratic National Convention, but lost the nomination to Franklin Pierce.

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23. Stephen Douglas was one of four Northern Democrats in the House to vote against the Wilmot Proviso, which would have banned slavery in any territory acquired from Mexico.

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24. Stephen Douglas resigned from the Supreme Court of Illinois upon being elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1843.

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25. Stephen Douglas experienced early success in politics as a member of the Democratic Party, serving in the Illinois House of Representatives and various other positions.

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26. Stephen Douglas was nicknamed the "Little Giant" because he was short in physical stature, but a forceful and dominant figure in politics.

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27. Stephen Douglas was the Democratic Party nominee for president in the 1860 election, but he was defeated by Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln.

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