47 Facts About Allianz


Allianz is a German multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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Allianz is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

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The first Allianz products were marine and accident policies first sold only in Germany, however in 1893 Allianz opened its first international branch office in London.

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Markets entered by 1914 included the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States, and Allianz had become the largest maritime insurer in Germany.

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Allianz remained the only company in the world that sold machine breakdown insurance until 1924.

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Allianz would begin to offer life insurance as of 1922, becoming Europe's largest offerer of the policies by the end of the 1920s.

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In 1927 Allianz merged with Stuttgarter Verein Versicherung AG and two years later acquired the insurance businesses of Favag, a large German insurer that declared bankruptcy due to the onset of the Great Depression.

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Allianz was a major supporter of the Nazi movement, Hitler's first cabinet included the head of Allianz as a cabinet member.

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Allianz opened an office in Paris in 1959, and started repurchasing stakes in former subsidiaries in Italy and Austria.

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In 1986, Allianz acquired Cornhill Insurance PLC, London, and the purchase of a stake in Riunione Adriatica di Sicurita, Milan, strengthened its presence in Western and Southern Europe in the 1980s.

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In 1990, Allianz started an expansion into eight Eastern European countries with establishing a presence in Hungary.

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Around this time Allianz expanded its asset management business as well by purchasing for example asset management companies in California.

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In September 2005, Allianz announced that it would convert its holding company into a Societas Europaea, becoming one of the first major companies to do so.

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The Allianz Group simplified its brand strategy from 2006 and their previous emblem was replaced by the current combination mark.

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Allianz X founded in 2013 and headed by Nazim Cetin is Allianz Tech Investment Fund with one billion Euros in size.

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In October 2020, Allianz was named the world's top insurance brand by the Interbrand's Best Global Brands Ranking.

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On 17 May 2022, Allianz SE has agreed to pay $6 billion in U S fraud case due to the collapse of its Structured Alpha funds during COVID-19 pandemic.

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Subsidiaries of Allianz Australia include Club Marine, Allianz Life and Hunter Premium Funding.

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In 2012, Allianz Australia announced a multi-year agreement with the SCG Trust to rename the Sydney Football Stadium to Allianz Stadium.

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Allianz Bank Bulgaria is a universal commercial bank having its headquarters in Sofia.

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Allianz entered the Canadian market in the early 1990s through an acquisition of several North American insurers, namely the American Firemans Fund and the Canadian Surety.

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Allianz Canada has merged with TIC Travel Insurance in 2014 and has become one of the largest insurance companies in Canada as a result.

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Allianz offers a wide range of general, life and health insurance products in Germany through its Allianz Deutschland AG subsidiary.

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Allianz products are distributed principally through a network of full-time tied agents.

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Since September 2010 Allianz products have been sold through Commerzbank branches.

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Now Allianz has almost 500 Offices in Greece and a lot of people buy the products of the company.

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Allianz started its operations in Indonesia with a representative office in 1981.

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In 1989, Allianz established PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a general insurance company.

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Furthermore, Allianz entered the Indonesian life insurance market by opening PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996.

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In 1999, through their acquisition of AGF, Allianz SE acquired AGF Irish Life Holdings plc in Ireland, which at the time owned Insurance Corporation of Ireland and Church and General Insurance.

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On 9 April 2019, Allianz started cooperation with Cynet, a cybersecurity company in the field of threat detection and response to address security threats and improve its resilience.

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Italian parent company, Allianz SpA, resulted from the integration, in October 2007, of three former insurance companies: RAS, established in Trieste in 1838 and based in Milan, Lloyd Adriatico, established in 1836 and based in Trieste and Allianz Subalpina, established in 1928 and based in Turin .

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Allianz Kenya focuses on accelerating the growth of organic business while seeking to differentiate the service offering with quality service.

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Allianz officially started in Malaysia in 2001 when it became the controlling shareholder of Allianz General Insurance Malaysia Berhad .

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In 2003, Allianz AG began its operation in the Philippines under the joint venture partnership with Pioneer Life Incorporated which lasted for five years.

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Allianz returned its operations in the country in 2016 as a subsidiary group with an exclusive distribution partnership with the Philippine National Bank.

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Allianz started operations in Russia in 1990, with the following acquisition of one of the largest Russian insurance companies ROSNO.

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In 2001 Allianz AG bought the majority ownership in then state-owned Slovenska poistovna .

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Allianz acquired British insurance company Cornhill Insurance plc in 1986, subsequently renamed Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc.

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Allianz previously owned Kleinwort Benson, which it inherited when it acquired Dresdner Bank.

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In 2017, Allianz acquired a stake in the general division of Liverpool Victoria for a deal worth up to £1bn.

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Allianz provides naming rights for the Allianz Arena, a football stadium in the north of Munich, Germany.

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Allianz had been in negotiations with the New York Jets and the Giants to buy naming rights to the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but those talks ended in September 2008, due to opposition from Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors.

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Allianz owned the Polish football team Gornik Zabrze but sold its shares in the club in April 2011.

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In 2009 Allianz signed an agreement to become the Global Partner of the St Andrews Links Trust.

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Allianz is the official worldwide insurance partner of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the Olympic Winter Games 2026 and the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028.

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Furthermore, Allianz became a founding member of the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future".

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