38 Facts About Bloomberg Philanthropies


Bloomberg Philanthropies is a philanthropic organization that encompasses all of the charitable giving of founder Michael R Bloomberg.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies has pledged to donate the majority of his wealth, currently estimated at more than $54 billion.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies sat on the boards of numerous charitable organizations.

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Between 2004 and 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies was listed as a top 10 American philanthropist each year.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies directs its resources to five issue areas: the environment, public health, the arts, government innovation and education.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies has focused on combating climate change and moving toward clean energy sources.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with RadicalMedia to produce the 2017 documentary "From the Ashes.

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In conjunction with the film, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a new commitment and crowdfunding campaign to support "entities backing economic development in communities that are historically dependent on the coal industry, and have suffered as plants have closed.

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In 2012, Bloomberg Philanthropies made a $6 million donation to the Environmental Defense Fund to help secure strong state-level regulations for hydraulic fracturing.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies has stated his support for "responsible" fracking as an alternative to coal power.

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In January 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies committed $53 million to Vibrant Oceans Initiative over the course of five years to help reform fisheries and increase sustainable populations.

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When President Joe Biden took office in 2021 and announced plans to rejoin the climate agreement, America's Pledge and another Bloomberg Philanthropies led climate initiative called We Are Still In joined forces to become America is All In.

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In May 2019, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a 2020 Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit in Washington University in St Louis with the aim to bring together leaders from Midwestern universities, local government and the private sector to reduce climate impacts in the region.

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In October 2020, Bloomberg Philanthropies was announced as one of the alliance partners of Prince William's Earthshot Prize, to find solutions to environmental issues.

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In May 2022, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a $242 million expansion into its efforts to help the world transition to clean energy.

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In 2009, Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with the World Health Organization to donate $125 million to reduce traffic-related fatalities, and in 2014, it committed an additional $125 million to combat road traffic deaths in low- and middle-income cities.

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In March 2013, Bloomberg Philanthropies donated $100 million to help the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation eradicate polio worldwide.

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In March 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies expanded its work in Tanzania and to provide reproductive health services in Africa and Latin America.

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On March 23, 2015, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the four-year, $100 million Data for Health initiative in partnership with the Australian government.

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On June 21, 2016, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the official launch of health partnerships with the first 18 participant countries, which include China, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, Ecuador, Malawi, Morocco, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, and Zambia.

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In 2019, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched a program to help prevent drowning in Bangladesh where they are the leading cause of death for children.

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In 2020, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced it would double its ongoing effort to fight road traffic deaths worldwide with $240 million in additional funds through 2025 focusing on speed management and enforcement, infrastructure design and vehicle safety.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies' focus on the arts includes a $32 million commitment in 2011 to funding arts organizations and initiatives throughout New York City as well as provide business management training.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies invited 250 small and midsize arts organizations to apply for the $32 million disbursal.

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In September 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies joined several foundations to contribute a total of $11.

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In June 2013, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a $15 million grant to five institutions — Art Institute of Chicago, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Botanical Garden, and Guggenheim Museum — as part of the Bloomberg Arts Engagement Initiative to develop mobile applications for visitors.

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In September 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies committed $17 million to increase the use of digital technology at six cultural institutions – The Brooklyn Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Science Museum in London, and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore – and rebranded the program as Bloomberg Connects.

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In October 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Public Art Challenge, a competition that invited local leaders and arts organizations to collaborate on temporary public art projects that would celebrate creativity and drive economic development.

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On June 23, 2015, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced four winning projects, selected from 237 nationwide submissions.

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In 2018, Bloomberg Philanthropies unveiled a new round of the Public Art Challenge and in January 2019 announced five winners: Anchorage, AK, Camden, NJ, Coral Springs, FL, Jackson, MS, and Tulsa, OK.

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In March 2013, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced Providence, R I as the winner of the Mayors Challenge, an initiative intended to foster innovation in America's cities.

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On January 20, 2016, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the 2016 Mayors Challenge, calling for Latin American and Caribbean cities to submit government innovation proposals that improve residents' lives and make government work better.

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In May 2022, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the launch of a $50 million national program to ensure that all cities and towns have access federal infrastructure funding, to drive local recovery and aid in improving communities for residents.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies focuses on driving public policy initiatives and education leadership at a local level as a means to improving America's school system.

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In October 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched a $10 million program to help top-performing students from low- and middle-income families apply to and graduate from the nation's top colleges.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies has been a longtime donor to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

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Since 2008 Bloomberg Philanthropies has worked with nonprofit advocacy organizations including Women for Women International and Sustainable Harvest to create economic opportunities for women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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On October 18, 2016 Bloomberg Philanthropies revealed it is donating $50 million to the Museum of Science in Boston, the largest gift in the institution's 186-year history.

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