36 Facts About Nicholas II

1. Nicholas II lost the support of the army and had no alternative but to abdicate.

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2. Nicholas II sponsored international talks on disarmament in The Hague in 1899.

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3. Nicholas II ruled the Russian Empire from November 1894 until his abdication during the February Revolution in 1917.

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4. On March 15, 1917, Nicholas II decided to abdicate in favor of his brother Michael.

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5. At the beginning of February 1917 Nicholas II left the capital and went to supreme headquarters at Mogilev.

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6. Nicholas II carried on his father's nationalism, his curtailment of the rights of minority nationalities, and his restrictions on nonorthodox religious groups.

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7. Nicholas II held customary commissions in the guards, rising, while heir apparent, to the rank of colonel.

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8. Nicholas II was placed under arrest by the new Provisional Government at Tsarskoe Selo, but in August 1917, he and his family were moved to the town of Tobolsk in the Urals, 1,200 miles east of Moscow.

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9. Nicholas II wanted to return to the pre-1905 situation and to continue to rule as an autocrat.

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10. Nicholas II wanted to hark back to an earlier age and reclaim the power held by his forebears.

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11. Nicholas II was a determined man who knew his own mind and had a clear sense of where his duty lay.

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12. Nicholas II believed this was no more than "a bite from a flea", but his confidence in Russia's armed forces was misplaced.

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13. Nicholas II was brought up in a warm and loving family environment and was educated by a succession of private tutors.

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14. In 1881, when Nicholas II was 13 years old, his grandfather, Alexander II, was assassinated by a revolutionary bomber.

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15. Nicholas II spent much of late 1915 through August 1917 away from Tsarskoe Selo in Saint Petersburg.

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16. Nicholas II inherited the Russian throne when his father died of kidney disease at the age of 49 on October 20, 1894.

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17. Nicholas II was blamed for pushing Russia into a war from which it had little to gain and for his incompetent leadership.

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18. Nicholas II approved the Russian mobilization of August 1914, which marked the beginning of Russia's involvement in the First World War.

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19. Nicholas II proposed and promoted the famous Hague Convention of 1899.

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20. Nicholas II was officially coronated on 26 May 1896 at the Uspensky Cathedral, Kremlin.

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21. Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia from 1894 to 1917.

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22. Nicholas II considered all who opposed him, regardless of their views, as malicious conspirators.

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23. Nicholas II had neither the imposing physical presence nor the….

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24. Nicholas II is generally considered to have been incompetent at the colossal task of ruling the enormous Russian Empire.

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25. Nicholas II was away at the remote HQ at Mogilev, far from the direct governance of the empire, and when revolution broke out in Petrograd he was unable to halt it.

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26. Nicholas II desired that Russia's mobilization be only against the Austrian border, in the hopes of preventing war with the German Empire.

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27. Nicholas II wanted neither to abandon Serbia to the ultimatum of Austria-Hungary, nor to provoke a general war.

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28. In February 1913, Nicholas II presided over the tercentenary celebrations for the Romanov Dynasty.

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29. Nicholas II was joined by his cousin, King George V and his wife, Queen Mary.

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30. Nicholas II had ordered an investigation into Rasputin and presented it to the Tsar, who read it but did nothing.

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31. The government of Nicholas II formally condemned the rioting and dismissed the regional governor, with the perpetrators arrested and punished by the court.

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32. Nicholas II accepted American mediation, appointing Sergei Witte chief plenipotentiary for the peace talks.

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33. Nicholas II was the first and only monarch to be presented with such a monumental coronation gift.

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34. Nicholas II chose to maintain the conservative policies favoured by his father throughout his reign.

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35. Nicholas II was of primarily German and Danish descent, his last ethnically Russian ancestor being Grand Duchess Anna Petrovna of Russia, daughter of Peter the Great.

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36. Nicholas II was very close to his mother, as revealed in their published letters to each other.

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