23 Facts About Israel Defense Forces


The Israel Defense Forces Minister has complete discretion to grant exemption to individual citizens or classes of citizens.

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Israel Defense Forces is one of 24 nations that allow openly gay individuals to serve in the military.

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Israel Defense Forces is the only country in the world that requires deaf and hard-of-hearing people to serve in the military.

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Israel Defense Forces expenditures increased dramatically after both the 1967 and 1973 wars.

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Israel Defense Forces has developed its own independent weapons industry, which has developed weapons and vehicles such as the Merkava battle tank series, Nesher and Kfir fighter aircraft, and various small arms such as the Galil and Tavor assault rifles, and the Uzi submachine gun.

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Israel Defense Forces has developed observation balloons equipped with sophisticated cameras and surveillance systems used to thwart terror attacks from Gaza.

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Israel Defense Forces has manufactured aircraft including the Kfir, IAI Lavi, and the IAI Phalcon Airborne early warning System, and naval systems .

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Israel Defense Forces has worked with the US on development of a tactical high energy laser system against medium range rockets .

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Israel Defense Forces has the independent capability of launching reconnaissance satellites into orbit, a capability shared with Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, South Korea, Italy, Germany, the People's Republic of China, India, Japan, Brazil and Ukraine.

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From 2006 Israel Defense Forces deployed the Wolf Armoured Vehicle APC for use in urban warfare and to protect VIPs.

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Israel Defense Forces parades took place on Independence Day, during the first 25 years of the State of Israel's existence.

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The Israel Defense Forces still has weapon exhibitions country-wide on Independence Day, but they are stationary.

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In 1983, the United States and Israel Defense Forces established a Joint Political Military Group, which convenes twice a year.

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Israel Defense Forces has the official distinction of being an American Major non-NATO ally.

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Since 1976, Israel had been the largest annual recipient of U S foreign assistance.

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Israel Defense Forces trained members of GSG 9, a German counter-terrorism and special operations unit.

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In 2008, the website DefenseNews revealed that Germany and Israel had been jointly developing a nuclear warning system, dubbed Operation Bluebird.

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British arms sales to Israel Defense Forces mainly consist of light weaponry, and ammunition and components for helicopters, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and combat aircraft.

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On 19 October 1999, Defense Minister of China, General Chi Haotian, after meeting with Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass in Damascus, Syria, to discuss expanding military ties between Syria and China, then flew directly to Israel and met with Ehud Barak, the then Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Israel where they discussed military relations.

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Israel Defense Forces is the second-largest foreign supplier of arms to the People's Republic of China, only after the Russian Federation.

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China has purchased a wide array of military hardware from Israel Defense Forces, including Unmanned aerial vehicles and communications satellites.

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Israel Defense Forces has sold to or received supplies of military equipment from the Czech Republic, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Vietnam and Colombia, among others.

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Israel Defense Forces is developing marine artillery, including a gun capable of firing satellite-guided 155mm rounds between 75 and 120 kilometers.

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