48 Facts About Amazon tax


Amazon's tax behaviours have been investigated in China, Germany, Poland, Sweden, South Korea, France, Japan, Ireland, Singapore, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, multiple states in the United States, and Portugal.

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Those states include several where Amazon tax has a clear physical presence via distribution centers and wholly owned subsidiaries.

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Amazon tax lobbyists met four times with members of Congress or their aides in 2010 regarding the Main Street Fairness Act.

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Amazon tax spent $100,000 on lobbying in 2010, although these expenses covered other bills discussed at the same time.

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The Amazon tax applies to all sales regardless of where they are shipped in the state.

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On October 26,2012, Amazon reached an agreement with the Arizona Department of Revenue to pay $53 million to settle unpaid sales taxes.

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Furthermore, effective February 1,2013, Amazon agreed to begin collecting sales taxes for goods sold to Arizonans.

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Furthermore, on July 1,2013, Amazon would begin collecting sales tax on digital products or services, like books.

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Amazon tax responded by terminating the contracts of its Arkansas-based affiliates effective July 24,2011.

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In 2011, Amazon threatened to terminate roughly 10,000 of its affiliates located in California if legislation pending in the state legislature to deem such affiliates as constituting a nexus that requires the collection of sales tax is passed.

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In July 2011, Amazon tax made good on its promises to terminate California affiliates.

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In spite of this move Amazon tax still decided to terminate its Colorado affiliates.

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Amazon tax accused traditional retailers such as Wal-Mart of being behind Connecticut's new law.

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Amazon tax has agreed to invest $50 million in Connecticut and to create hundreds of new full-time jobs in the state.

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In May 2014, Amazon started collecting sales tax in Florida after starting plans to build two warehouses in the state.

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However, Amazon did not collect sales taxes until Amazon agreed to start collecting Georgia sales tax on September 1,2013.

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Mitch Daniels in January 2012, Amazon agreed to collect sales tax from Indiana residents beginning January 1,2014.

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Amazon tax owns four distribution centers in Indiana, which satisfies the physical requirement.

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Amazon has collected sales tax in Kentucky since 2005 according to the Tax Justice Blog, but Amazon has maintained a distribution center in Kentucky since at least 1999.

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On October 1,2014, Amazon started collecting sales tax in Maryland ahead of a planned opening of a new distribution center in Southeast Baltimore.

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On October 1,2015, Amazon started collecting sales tax in Michigan in accordance with a state law compelling online retailers to do so if they have a physical presence in the state.

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Mississippi will allow the internet Amazon tax bill passed by the house committee on February 1,2017, to die in committee.

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McNeil said the streamlined sales Amazon tax is a good way to end the unfair advantages enjoyed by online retailers over traditional businesses.

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On February 1,2017, Amazon began collecting the state portion of the sales tax rate in Missouri that is 4.

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Legislation that would have required Amazon to collect sales tax on purchases shipped to Nevada failed in committee in the state legislature in May 2011.

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However, in April 2012, an agreement was reached that would require Amazon to collect sales tax from Nevada customers beginning on January 1,2014.

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New Mexico's Revenue Department says that just over 5 percent sales Amazon tax will be collected with some going to the state's general fund and some going to the cities where the product was purchased.

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Shortly after the law was signed, Amazon tax filed a complaint in the New York Supreme Court objecting to the law.

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In early 2017, Governor Cuomo proposed that sales tax collection be applied to Amazon's "Marketplace" operations.

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On June 1,2015, Amazon began collecting sales tax in the State of Ohio due to the new data centers that are being built at the Columbus, Ohio area.

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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced in February 2017 that on March 1, Amazon would begin collecting sales taxes on online purchases.

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Under the Act, affected retailers are responsible for either collecting and remitting state and local sales Amazon tax or notifying their customers of their Amazon tax obligations.

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Back in 2009, Rhode Island had passed a law which would have forced Amazon to collect sales taxes if it had "affiliates" in the state.

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Under a compromise approved by the South Carolina state legislature in May 2011, Amazon agreed to notify South Carolina customers by email that sales tax was owed on their purchases but shoppers would still be responsible for paying the tax by themselves.

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On February 1,2017, Amazon agreed to begin collecting sales tax in South Dakota.

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Legal opinion by the state attorney general affirmed the constitutionality of a proposed bill in the state legislature that would require Amazon to collect sales tax on goods it ships to Tennessee residents.

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On January 1,2014, Amazon began collecting sales tax on purchases in Tennessee, after a two-year delay from when Governor Haslam signed the online sales tax bill in 2012.

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Otto said that Amazon contended that they did not need to collect the state sales tax because the company did not have a store front in the state and that a subsidiary owned their distribution center in Irving, Texas.

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Under the agreement, Amazon began collecting sales taxes from Texas customers beginning July 1,2012.

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Amazon tax has announced its intent to build two distribution centers in Richmond.

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In 2008, Amazon began collecting sales tax in Washington, their home state, after a state law was passed requiring in-state online retailers to collect sales tax.

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On January 1,2018, Amazon began enforcing and collecting tax on third-party merchant sales to Washington state customers, as required by a new state law.

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Wisconsin has not passed an Amazon law, Amazon is collecting sales tax because of its distribution center in the state.

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In July 2009, the Tokyo National Tax Agency ruled that Amazon had to pay 14 billion yen in back corporate taxes, despite its operations in the country being formally represented by the US -based subsidiary Amazon Int'l Sales, Inc Amazon refused to acknowledge the tax debt, claiming Japan had no jurisdiction on Amazon, due to Amazon not having a physical presence or registered company in Japan.

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Previous to this Amazon had not been charging any Swiss VAT on these orders, although parcels entering the Swiss customs area were subject to VAT upon entry if the amount of tax to be collected exceeded 5 Swiss Francs.

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Sky News reported that Amazon tax faced a temporary backlash and boycott from the general public and other businesses in the UK as a result.

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Amazon tax has threatened similar action against affiliates in Illinois over the same issue.

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In February 2011, Amazon announced that it would be closing its Dallas, Texas distribution center over the sales-tax dispute.

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