1001 Facts About Comedians

1. Kevin James had the lead role in the 2012 mixed martial arts comedy film Here Comes the Boom.

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2. Stephen Colbert eulogized the beloved "God of the Marvel Universe" and thanked Lee for creating characters like Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Black Panther and the Fantastic.

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3. Trevor Noah has two step-brothers—Andrew and Isaac whom his mother had with her second husband, Ngisaveni Abel Shingange.

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4. Kevin Smith is an avid hockey fan and loyal New Jersey Devils fan.

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5. Russell Brand married pop singer Katy Perry on October 23, 2010 in the countryside of Northern India.

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6. Ellen DeGeneres went vegan in 2008, citing ethical reasons for her decision to radically change her lifestyle.

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7. Woody Allen came to pick her up, but he wasn't much of a savior.

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8. Stephen Colbert was notable for other moments when his character entered into "real world" events.

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9. In 2002, Ricky Gervais took part in a charity boxing match against entrepreneur Grant Bovey.

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10. Jimmy Kimmel shared a clip from the sitcom showing a young version of Anderson's character.

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11. Conan O'Brien considers himself a moderate on the political spectrum.

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12. Dennis Miller has a laid-back style and an acerbic, brooding sense of humor.

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13. Jim Carrey gained critical acclaim starring in serious roles in The Truman Show and Man on the Moon, each garnering him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

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14. Paul Reiser was born 30th March 1957, to Sam and Helen Reiser.

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15. Stephen Colbert took the Myres Briggs personality test during a segment of his The Late Show which resulted in him being an INFP.

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16. The Colbert Report is veracious in his approach, while often ridiculously overblown in his statements.

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17. Kevin James spent roughly 10 years refining and perfecting his act, and eventually transitioned to performing at venues in nearby New York City.

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18. Jimmy Carr appeared in two episodes of the radio series of Flight of the Conchords in 2005.

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19. Amy Schumer wrote and played her first leading film role in Trainwreck, co-starring Bill Hader, which was released on July 17, 2015.

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20. Jim Carrey got a role on the 1989 film Earth Girls Are Easy, which is where he met Damon Wayans who's brother Keenan was creating In Loving Color.

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21. Denis Leary gained prominence in the early 1990s when he headlined a series of commercials on MTV.

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22. Stephen Colbert claimed on his show Thursday night that life is so bad under the presidency of Donald Trump, he finds himself praying every single day.

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23. Conan O'Brien has never had much use for politics—indeed, he's the least political late-night host since Tom Snyder.

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24. On 2 July 2005, Ricky Gervais appeared at the Live 8 event held in London's Hyde Park, where he performed his famous dance.

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25. Conan O'Brien might be taking a brief break, but that doesn't mean that his salty correspondent, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, is staying off the air.

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26. In 2003, Denis Leary became the subject of Comedy Central Roast.

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27. Dave Chappelle had a minor role in 1997's Con Air which made $26 million after production costs.

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28. Sam Kinison appeared in the Motley Crue music video for their hit single "Kickstart My Heart".

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29. Kate McKinnon is well-known for her impressions of comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres and pop singer Justin Bieber.

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30. Conan O'Brien accepted his doctor's offer to process his DNA to learn about his heritage.

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31. Russell Brand is rumored to be joining the A-list cast for 2012's "Rock of Ages", playing the role of Lonnie.

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32. Dave Chappelle took his support for Maryland governor hopeful Ben Jealous a step further—he appeared in interviews, participated in campaign events and even carried.

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33. Los Angeles Lakers: Josh Kevin Hart becoming a vital piece of the Lakers.

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34. Amy Schumer is back to work! The 37-year-old comedian was seen filming a campaign for her new clothing line shortly after announcing her pregnancy with spouse Chris Fischer on Thursday in New York City.

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35. Samantha Bee was one of the four founding members of Toronto-based sketch comedy troupe The Atomic Fireballs.

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36. Russell Brand has abstained from drug use since 13 December 2002.

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37. Jerry Seinfeld says "Hello, Newman" only 15 times in the entire series.

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38. In October 2008, Stephen Fry began posting to the social networking site Twitter, which he regularly updated.

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39. Jimmy Fallon has used "puppy prognosticators" to predict a variety of sporting events, including the Kentucky Derby, the NCAA Final Four and the college football championship.

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40. Kevin Smith owns and operates Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey, a comic book store largely dedicated to merchandise related to his films and comics.

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41. Denis Leary was offered the role of Dignam in The Departed but turned it down due to scheduling conflicts with Rescue Me.

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42. Stephen Fry had a troubled childhood and left home at age seven.

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43. Bill Cosby was lauded for using African-American performers such as Lillian Randolph, Moms Mabley, and Rex Ingram as characters.

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44. In 2008, Stephen Fry formed SamStephen Fry Ltd, with long-term collaborator Andrew Sampson to produce and fund new material and manage his official website.

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45. Jimmy Fallon was a double headliner that day at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, earning an honorary degree reflecting his achievements and then joining classmates to collect his degree.

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46. Denis Leary was a producer of the Fox Broadcasting series Canterbury's Law, and wrote and directed its pilot episode.

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47. In May 2016, Ricky Gervais was back doing stand up in London, starting with some low key warm-ups with cast members from Derek.

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48. Jerry Seinfeld has more money than God,so he really has no reason to trick anyone.

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49. Paul Reiser is ranked 77th on Comedy Central's 2004 list of the "100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time".

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50. Paula Poundstone is No 88 on Comedy Central's 2004 list of the 100 greatest stand-ups of all time.

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51. Stephen Colbert auditioned to be a cast member on Saturday Night Livej but ultimately didn't make the cut.

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52. Milton Berle appeared in 1995 as a guest star in an episode of The Nanny in the part of her lawyer and great uncle.

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53. Kevin Smith appeared in the 2006 mtvU show Sucks Less with Kevin Smith.

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54. Eddie Izzard would be enrolled in a boarding school—St Bede's Prep School before moving on to Eastbourne College.

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55. Kevin Smith has had a history of yo-yo dieting, being an avid supporter of "Optifast".

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56. Jim Carrey got his start with a spot doing stand-up at a Toronto comedy club when he was just 15 years old.

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57. Russell Brand is rumored to be joining the A-list cast for 2012's "Rock of Ages", playing the role of Lonnie.

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58. The Colbert Report disagreed that the show's emphasis on politics represented a liberal bias, noting that he himself was uninterested in modern politics.

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59. Jimmy Fallon convinced Jimmy Fallon to take part in her pre-competition ritual.

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60. Eddie Izzard is playing a short run of gigs at the Bill Murray comedy pub in Islington this month.

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61. Kevin Smith wrote a miniseries called Chasing Dogma that was inspired by the movies Chasing Amy and Dogma.

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62. Paula Poundstone can be a regular guest on A Prairie Home Companion.

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63. In November 2004, Ellen DeGeneres appeared, dancing, in an ad campaign for American Express.

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64. Chris Hardwick is the founder of the entertainment site Nerdist, and is best known for his shows Talking Dead and @midnight.

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65. Amy Schumer publicly confirmed the pregnancy by saying she was looking forward.

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66. On November 18, 2004, Jerry Seinfeld appeared at the National Museum of American History to donate the "puffy shirt" he wore in the Seinfeld episode of the same name.

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67. Woody Allen wrote for the Candid Camera television show, and appeared in some episodes.

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68. Stephen Colbert realized he was the recipient of an extremely rare honor when astronaut Suni Williams came on The Colbert Report to announce that NASA had named the treadmill after him.

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69. Stephen Fry was listed number 2 in 2016 and number 12 in 2017 on the World Pride Power list.

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70. Jim Carrey went method—like, really method—while filming the 1999 Andy Kaufman biopic, Man on the Moon.

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71. Jimmy Kimmel has a son, Kevin, who works on the show as a production assistant.

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72. In 2009, Denis Leary made a guest appearance on the former's talk show The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

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73. Stephen Colbert describes his parenting style as "Go watch the TV", something he picked up from his mom, who had 11 kids to deal with, so her time was sparse.

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74. Milton Berle was famous within show business for the rumored size of his penis.

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75. In May 2011, Chris Hardwick signed a contract with BBC America to host a pilot of a panel talk show for the network based on the podcast.

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76. Russell Brand once cut some blonde hair off a dog and stuck it into his own hair, which made him look like the blonde quaffed 90s rapper Vanilla Ice.

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77. In 2003, Ellen DeGeneres made a triumphant return to TV as the host of her own award-winning talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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78. Amy Schumer panicked when she watched the interview because she is a huge Bachelor enthusiast.

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79. Chris Hardwick studied philosophy at UCLA, where he was a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity during his freshman year and graduated in 1993.

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80. In 2002, aged eighteen, Trevor Noah had a small role on an episode of the South African soap opera Isidingo.

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81. Billy Crystal got one of his first big breaks was in the 1970s on the situation comedy show Soap, where he played an openly gay character, Jodie Dallas.

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82. Chris Hardwick gets a Golden Buzzer just like the other judges, so that means he has just as much power as the others.

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83. Jim Carrey has often spoken openly and honestly about his struggle with depression.

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84. Jerry Seinfeld turned down an offer from NBC that would have made him $110 million for a 10th season of the show.

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85. Stephen Colbert has a weird beef with Windsor, Ontario, once referring to the city as the worst place on Earth on The Colbert Report.

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86. Stephen Colbert accepted and discovered that Second City employees were entitled to take classes at their training center for free.

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87. On September 27, 2010, George Lopez announced that he and his wife had decided to end their marriage.

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88. Stephen Colbert portrayed the letter Z in Sesame Street: All-Star Alphabet, a 2005 video release.

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89. Ellen DeGeneres decided to get healthier and quit smoking in the year 2005.

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90. In 2010, while in character, The Colbert Report appeared before judiciary subcommittee hearing on the issue of farm workers and immigration.

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91. Bill Cosby gave her a muffin and said, "alright" and she left, the documents say.

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92. Dennis Miller called Leno and complained loudly and with expletives, so they "butted heads for a while".

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93. Ricky Gervais continued his Humanity show throughout 2017 and into 2018; appearing at SF Sketchfest as part of the tour, which devoted a night in honor of the comedian, alongside comedic legend and mentor Christopher Guest.

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94. Jerry Seinfeld wrote the scripts for the 15 advertisements that were filmed.

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95. The Colbert Report was worried as a kid that people would think he was stupid because of his Southern accent, which was something he noticed was associated with Southern characters on TV shows.

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96. Stephen Fry was the long-time host of the BBC television quiz show QI, with his tenure lasting from 2003 to 2016.

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97. Dave Chappelle wanted to donate half of the DVD sales to charity.

FactSnippet No. 796,138 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

98. Russell Brand is rumored to be joining the A-list cast for 2012's "Rock of Ages", playing the role of Lonnie.

FactSnippet No. 791,977 - Comedians

99. Amy Schumer used her pregnancy announcement to endorse 23 Democratic candidates in the midterms.

FactSnippet No. 28,959 - Comedians

100. Stephen Colbert joined the cast of Comedy Central's parody-news series The Daily Show in 1997, when the show was in its second season.

FactSnippet No. 36,857 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

101. The Colbert Report explains in a couple ways that God, to him, is something mystical.

FactSnippet No. 194,871 - Comedians

102. Sam Kinison was sent to a religious boarding school called the Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Utica, New York, when he was 15.

FactSnippet No. 868,783 - Comedians

103. In 2006, Ms Martin Lawrence used a media interview to apologise to the Australian public for the disgrace she brought upon the nation.

FactSnippet No. 108,571 - Comedians

104. Sam Kinison went on to perform sold-out shows across the country and even appeared in movies like Back to School.

FactSnippet No. 868,776 - Comedians

105. Stephen Fry responded by accusing the Daily Mail of being "against progress, the liberalising of attitudes, modern art and strangers".

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106. In March 10, 2016, Eugenio Derbez unveiled his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

FactSnippet No. 2,572 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

107. Ellen DeGeneres bought one of the ritziest homes in Los Angeles in January 2014 for $39,888,000, according to TMZ.

FactSnippet No. 772,603 - Comedians

108. Amy Schumer explained that when she met Hawn she "told her there's a movie I really want to make with her", she said.

FactSnippet No. 784,000 - Comedians

109. In 2013, Kevin Hart made a donation of $250,000 to the Philadelphia school district, who in recent years have been troubled by budget shortfalls and school closures.

FactSnippet No. 773,012 - Comedians

110. Kevin Smith has a website called The View Askewniverse, which he opened in 1995.

FactSnippet No. 143,143 - Comedians

111. Ricky Gervais uses social media to raise awareness of animal welfare.

FactSnippet No. 6,606 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

112. Paula Poundstone is a nationally known comedian, legendary for her smart spontaneous humor.

FactSnippet No. 629,382 - Comedians

113. Ellen DeGeneres makes $75 million per year from her talk show, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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114. In 2007 Stephen Fry wrote, for director Peter Jackson, a script for a remake of The Dam Busters.

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115. Joe Rogan has a personal passion for Mixed-Martial Arts and was involved with the UFC way before it became the huge platform for the sport that it has turned into today.

FactSnippet No. 206,093 - Comedians

116. In 2011, Joe Rogan played his first major character in a movie in Zookeeper.

FactSnippet No. 206,059 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

117. The Colbert Report wrote a bit for he and the group's manager to do where he'd ask how he knew it was really Daft Punk under the helmets if they wouldn't perform.

FactSnippet No. 194,926 - Comedians

118. Dave Chappelle appeared again on Inside the Actors Studio in 2013, for its 250th episode.

FactSnippet No. 796,140 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

119. Bill Cosby has become an active member of The Jazz Foundation of America.

FactSnippet No. 1,147 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

120. Jerry Seinfeld produced, co-wrote and starred in the 2007 film Bee Movie.

FactSnippet No. 37,116 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

121. On Tuesday, comedian Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump for having "policy time" carved out in his schedule.

FactSnippet No. 124,791 - Comedians

122. Jimmy Kimmel hopped on board the KonMari train on Tuesday night when he invited tidying guru Marie Kondo to help him clean his office.

FactSnippet No. 778,376 - Comedians

123. Conan O'Brien was his high school's valedictorian and the managing editor of his high school newspaper.

FactSnippet No. 773,737 - Comedians

124. Stephen Colbert says goodbye to Jeff Sessions by eating him on live TV.

FactSnippet No. 68,812 - Comedians

125. Joe Rogan was in a controversy where he said the UFC fighter that "Jose Aldo's body looked smooth and deflated".

FactSnippet No. 206,089 - Comedians

126. In January 2010, Stephen Colbert was named the assistant sports psychologist for the US Olympic speed skating team at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

FactSnippet No. 7,549 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

127. Conan O'Brien is solidifying his reputation as "late night host of the people" on his current 18-city tour, which stopped in Houston last night.

FactSnippet No. 124,427 - Comedians

128. Woody Allen impressed students with his extraordinary talent with cards and magic tricks.

FactSnippet No. 805,215 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

129. Billy Crystal has won many other nominations and awards including three Golden Globes nominations.

FactSnippet No. 868,509 - Comedians

130. Jim Carrey relocated to Los Angeles to pursue comedy, eventually landing a spot on the sketch comedy show In Living Color.

FactSnippet No. 774,476 - Comedians

131. Stephen Colbert had a suit tailored for him in the Army Combat Uniform pattern.

FactSnippet No. 7,541 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

132. Patrick Kielty is active on social media such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

FactSnippet No. 565,210 - Comedians

133. Conan O'Brien arranged with Michaels that O'Brien would do a test audition on the stage of The Tonight Show.

FactSnippet No. 773,693 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

134. Dave Chappelle jokes that despite election meddling, Russia didn't make us racist.

FactSnippet No. 34,734 - Comedians

135. In 2008, Rebel Wilson created, wrote, produced and starred in the musical comedy series Bogan Pride on SBS One and starred in the improvisational Nine Network series Monster House.

FactSnippet No. 272,576 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

136. Joe Rogan hired a camera crew to document his comedy tours which he posted on his website for his Joe Show web series.

FactSnippet No. 206,055 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

137. Jerry Seinfeld weighed in on the current comedy landscape, sharing his take on.

FactSnippet No. 9,104 - Comedians

138. In 1952, The Three Stooges lost some key players at Columbia Pictures.

FactSnippet No. 980,660 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

139. Dave Chappelle infamously told a 2004 stand-up crowd that they were "stupid" for shouting "I'm Rick James, b*tch" when he was trying to perform, and told them that the show was ruining his life.

FactSnippet No. 804,751 - Comedians

140. Trevor Noah finds the spookiest thing about a Florida Halloween, and it isn't Trump's birthright citizenship gambit.

FactSnippet No. 11,374 - Comedians

141. Stephen Colbert can speak more than one language if you count the fictional language of Quenya—spoken by elves in Lord of the Rings—as one of them.

FactSnippet No. 763,875 - Comedians

142. Bill Cosby has even gained the fan support of a female correction officer that grew up watching him portray Dr Cliff Huxtable on the "The Cosby Show", the outlet reported.

FactSnippet No. 830,347 - Comedians

143. Trevor Noah has two step-brothers—Andrew and Isaac whom his mother had with her second husband, Ngisaveni Abel Shingange.

FactSnippet No. 813,891 - Comedians

144. Jimmy Fallon secured a manager and got bookings by the age of 21.

FactSnippet No. 772,806 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

145. Trevor Noah has two step-brothers—Andrew and Isaac whom his mother had with her second husband, Ngisaveni Abel Shingange.

FactSnippet No. 819,963 - Comedians

146. The Ellen DeGeneres Show averages around 4.2+ million viewers per episode, according to syndicated daytime television ratings, making it a highly viewed daytime show.

FactSnippet No. 275,266 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

147. Stephen Colbert describes his parenting style as "Go watch the TV", something he picked up from his mom, who had 11 kids to deal with, so her time was sparse.

FactSnippet No. 792,624 - Comedians

148. Jimmy Kimmel recruited some kids on his show Tuesday night to explain the concept of climate change to President Donald Trump.

FactSnippet No. 782,890 - Comedians

149. Amy Schumer took to Instagram to share a photo of the birth-inspired cake her sister-in-law, Molly Fisher, got her.

FactSnippet No. 764,284 - Comedians

150. Denis Leary married his former student from Emerson College, Ann Lembeck in 1989.

FactSnippet No. 868,711 - Comedians

151. Jimmy Kimmel called President Trump "wrong" for blaming the recent California wildfires on "poor" forest management during his show Monday night.

FactSnippet No. 99,880 - Comedians

152. Russell Brand revealed he feels "dreadful shame" at tickling fellow comedian David Baddiel's son, Ezra, in the past.

FactSnippet No. 824,968 - Comedians

153. In 2014 Stephen Colbert was named to succeed David Letterman as host of the CBS late-night talk show the Late Show; Letterman had announced that he intended to retire from the program in 2015.

FactSnippet No. 763,868 - Comedians

154. Dave Chappelle has time and again spoke of his attachment with Ohio.

FactSnippet No. 796,164 - Comedians

155. Samantha Bee portrayed some of those felonies as not so serious.

FactSnippet No. 205,338 - Comedians

156. In 1984, Stephen Fry adapted the hugely successful 1930s musical Me and My Girl for the West End, where it ran for eight years.

FactSnippet No. 7,627 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

157. Jerry Seinfeld says "Hello, Newman" only 15 times in the entire series.

FactSnippet No. 820,968 - Comedians

158. Kevin Hart had a cameo as himself in This Is the End.

FactSnippet No. 772,980 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

159. Ricky Gervais appeared on The 11 O'Clock Show on Channel 4 between 1998 and 2000.

FactSnippet No. 6,583 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

160. Stephen Colbert took method acting to a whole new level when he purposely fell asleep on stage during a sketch at Second City.

FactSnippet No. 763,881 - Comedians

161. Ellen DeGeneres was nominated for three Golden Globes for her role as Ellen.

FactSnippet No. 772,583 - Comedians

162. Jimmy Kimmel Found Roast Beef in His Beard Jimmy talks about his daughter Jane waking up extra early because of Daylight Saving Time, and his brother's.

FactSnippet No. 69,100 - Comedians

163. Stephen Colbert describes his parenting style as "Go watch the TV", something he picked up from his mom, who had 11 kids to deal with, so her time was sparse.

FactSnippet No. 830,259 - Comedians

164. Conan O'Brien got his nickname "Coco" after the second episode of his Tonight Show run.

FactSnippet No. 795,003 - Comedians

165. In 2005, Kevin Smith wrote the screenplay for Clerks II, which he planned to start shooting in January of 2005.

FactSnippet No. 143,092 - Comedians

166. The Colbert Report describes his parenting style as "Go watch the TV", something he picked up from his mom, who had 11 kids to deal with, so her time was sparse.

FactSnippet No. 194,892 - Comedians

167. Patrick Kielty was the host of the first series of Channel 4's Stand Up for the Week, which began in June 2010 and ran for six weeks.

FactSnippet No. 565,193 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

168. Eddie Izzard is openly "straight transvestite" having cross-dressed both on and offstage.

FactSnippet No. 782,573 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

169. Trevor Noah spent his early youth at the private Maryvale College, a Catholic school in Johannesburg.

FactSnippet No. 7,909 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

170. Jimmy Carr has appeared on at least one episode per season of A League of Their Own and QI.

FactSnippet No. 778,346 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

171. Sarah Silverman feels insecure about grappling with her age—read details.

FactSnippet No. 126,080 - Comedians

172. In 1984, Milton Berle appeared in drag in the video for "Round and Round" by the 1980s metal band Ratt.

FactSnippet No. 52,167 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

173. On 5 November 2015 Ricky Gervais signed up to play Ika Chu, a villainous cat, in an animated film Blazing Samurai.

FactSnippet No. 6,602 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

174. Milton Berle died in his sleep on March 27, 2002, at the age of 93.

FactSnippet No. 869,247 - Comedians

175. Eugenio Derbez took classes from Mexican Institute of Cinematography and Theater and graduated with a degree in film directing.

FactSnippet No. 250,847 - Comedians

176. In 1994, Eddie Izzard made his West End drama debut as the lead in the world premiere of David Mamet's The Cryptogram with Lindsay Duncan, in the production at London's Comedy Theatre.

FactSnippet No. 2,404 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

177. Russell Brand was not registered to vote in the 2015 election.

FactSnippet No. 6,880 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

178. Kevin Hart requested joint custody of their two children, a daughter and a son.

FactSnippet No. 772,989 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

179. Kristen Wiig began performing comedy in the late 1990s after moving out to Los Angeles and joining the improv comedy group The Groundlings.

FactSnippet No. 856,254 - Comedians

180. The Colbert Report discovered that a camera, any camera, even his camera, is irresistible to men and women seeking re-election every two years.

FactSnippet No. 195,010 - Comedians

181. Tiffany Haddish is an African-American comedian and actress who was seen for years in supporting roles in TV shows and movies until she appeared as part of the ensemble cast of Girls Trip in 2017 and earned critical acclaim, including a prestigious award from the New York Film Critics Circle and an Emmy Award in 2018.

FactSnippet No. 219,991 - Comedians

182. Ellen DeGeneres said she wanted to homage Meryl Streep's record 17 Oscar nominations by setting a new record with her, and invited other Oscar celebrities to join them.

FactSnippet No. 7,747 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

183. Sarah Silverman is not very short but she is not the tallest in Hollywood either.

FactSnippet No. 791,282 - Comedians

184. Stephen Colbert appeared in several recurring segments for The Daily Show, including "Even Stevphen" with Steve Carell, in which both characters were expected to debate a selected topic but instead would unleash their anger at one another.

FactSnippet No. 763,826 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

185. Kevin James pulled off that magical career ascension about which most stand-up comedians dream.

FactSnippet No. 78,111 - Comedians

186. Kevin Smith formed a comedy troupe in high school and wrote the part of Randal for himself and Dante for former troupe mate Ernest O'Donnell.

FactSnippet No. 143,170 - Comedians

187. In 2008, Coach Kevin Smith brought his Oak Hill team to the Charlotte.

FactSnippet No. 143,059 - Comedians

188. Steve Harvey hosts Celebrity Family Feud, where celebrities compete for a chance to donate up to $25,000 to their favorite charity.

FactSnippet No. 37,415 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

189. In May 2017, Eddie Izzard declared his intention to become a Labour politician after endorsing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK general election.

FactSnippet No. 2,414 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

190. Steve Harvey is the true definition of a rags-to-riches story.

FactSnippet No. 126,516 - Comedians

191. Stephen Colbert worked on several other television projects before joining in 1997 Comedy Central's The Daily Show, which was hosted by Jon Stewart.

FactSnippet No. 763,863 - Comedians

192. In 2015, Kevin Hart made a similar pledge of $100,000 in scholarships for four students.

FactSnippet No. 773,011 - Comedians

193. Jim Carrey got a taste of what it's like to be God in Bruce Almighty playing opposite Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman.

FactSnippet No. 774,502 - Comedians

194. In 1993, Steve Martin wrote his first full-length play Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

FactSnippet No. 7,699 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

195. Russell Brand made his theatrical debut at age 15 in a school production of Bugsy Malone, and he then began work as a film extra.

FactSnippet No. 775,315 - Comedians

196. Paula Poundstone joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Paula's rain soaked ping pong party, the potentially disturbing short story Jesse's son's dictated recently, and the proper use of a bathroom hand mirror.

FactSnippet No. 629,384 - Comedians

197. Bill Cosby became an undercover CIA agent name Alexander Scott in 1965 till 1968.

FactSnippet No. 776,263 - Comedians

198. Jimmy Fallon has used "puppy prognosticators" to predict a variety of sporting events, including the Kentucky Derby, the NCAA Final Four and the college football championship.

FactSnippet No. 806,653 - Comedians

199. On March 25, 2013, Jim Carrey released a parody music video with Eels through Funny or Die, with Carrey replacing Mark Oliver Everett on vocals.

FactSnippet No. 774,467 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

200. In November 2016, Steve Harvey was cancelled, and it was announced that Harvey had reached a deal with IMG to produce a new syndicated talk show in Los Angeles with NBCUniversal.

FactSnippet No. 37,417 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

201. In March 2014, Eddie Izzard began leading a campaign encouraging Scottish people not to vote for independence in the September referendum, saying that England would feel a "deep sense of loss" if Scotland were to leave the UK.

FactSnippet No. 782,586 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

202. Dennis Miller tears Mark Cuban apart for financing and distributing the troop-smearing Brian De Palma film, Redacted.

FactSnippet No. 61,631 - Comedians

203. Stephen Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements—either on-screen or in voice-over—starting with an appearance as "Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar" in a 1982 advert for Whitbread Best Bitter.

FactSnippet No. 790,825 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

204. Sarah Silverman has two sisters; Reform Rabbi Susan Sarah Silverman and Laura Silverman; the famous actress, and two brothers; Rabbi Susan—a screenwriter and Jeffrey Michael, who died when he was a toddler.

FactSnippet No. 843,686 - Comedians

205. Eddie Izzard portrayed comedian Lenny Bruce in the 1999 production of Julian Barry's 1971 play Lenny.

FactSnippet No. 2,406 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

206. Dave Chappelle had a few things to get off his chest as it pertains to President Donald Trump.

FactSnippet No. 13,364 - Comedians

207. Conan O'Brien spent two years with that show and performed regularly with improvisational groups, including The Groundlings.

FactSnippet No. 773,690 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

208. In 2012, Kristen Wiig gave a heartfelt goodbye as she filmed her final episode as a cast member of SNL.

FactSnippet No. 856,256 - Comedians

209. Sarah Silverman was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her acting on the show.

FactSnippet No. 6,970 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

210. Stephen Fry is a long-standing fan of the anarchic British musical comedy group the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, and particularly of its eccentric front man, the late Vivian Stanshall.

FactSnippet No. 775,183 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

211. Jerry Seinfeld says "Hello, Newman" only 15 times in the entire series.

FactSnippet No. 814,503 - Comedians

212. The Colbert Report teamed up with The Morgridge Family Foundation and ScanSource to fund 1,000 projects listed by over 800 teachers at 375 schools, the Greenville News reported at the time.

FactSnippet No. 194,953 - Comedians

213. Amy Schumer has dated professional wrestler Nick Nemeth, better known by his ring name Dolph Ziggler, and comedian Anthony Jeselnik.

FactSnippet No. 764,279 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

214. Amy Schumer explained that when she met Hawn she "told her there's a movie I really want to make with her", she said.

FactSnippet No. 829,505 - Comedians

215. Stephen Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements—either on-screen or in voice-over—starting with an appearance as "Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar" in a 1982 advert for Whitbread Best Bitter.

FactSnippet No. 791,970 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

216. Stephen Fry is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.

FactSnippet No. 775,239 - Comedians

217. Paul Reiser is an American comedian, actor, television personality and writer, author and musician.

FactSnippet No. 869,419 - Comedians

218. Towards the end of 2003, Stephen Fry starred alongside John Bird in the television adaptation of Absolute Power, previously a radio series on BBC Radio 4.

FactSnippet No. 775,165 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

219. Larry David made occasional uncredited appearances on the show, playing such roles as Frank Costanza's cape-wearing lawyer and the voice of George Steinbrenner.

FactSnippet No. 421,880 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

220. Jim Carrey has always known he wanted to be in show biz.

FactSnippet No. 774,483 - Comedians

221. Ted Cruz of Texas and comedian-actor Jim Carrey traded barbs on Twitter, one night before Election Day on Tuesday.

FactSnippet No. 56,743 - Comedians

222. Larry David was born on July 2, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York.

FactSnippet No. 694,966 - Comedians

223. Kristen Wiig is not active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

FactSnippet No. 856,260 - Comedians

224. Steve Martin was first married to British actress Victoria Tennant, starting from 1994.

FactSnippet No. 781,378 - Comedians

225. In 2014, Amy Schumer embarked on her Back Door Tour to promote the second season of her show.

FactSnippet No. 625 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

226. Amy Schumer moved near Baltimore, Maryland, after high school when she attended Towson University; she graduated with a degree in theater in 2003.

FactSnippet No. 764,267 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

227. Woody Allen was not involved in the adoption, but when Dylan arrived he assumed a parental role toward her and began spending more time in Farrow's home.

FactSnippet No. 37,696 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

228. Larry David was nominated for an Emmy award 19 times for Seinfeld, winning twice—once for best comedy and once for writing.

FactSnippet No. 700,680 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

229. Tiffany Haddish lived off and on in her Geo Metro, working odd jobs and dreaming of launching a comedy career.

FactSnippet No. 220,028 - Comedians

230. Chris Hardwick is a big fan science fiction and video games.

FactSnippet No. 205,438 - Comedians

231. Kevin Smith is married to Jennifer Schwalbach Kevin Smith, whom he met while she was interviewing him for USA Today.

FactSnippet No. 769,859 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

232. Jerry Seinfeld left the company a voicemail on June 21, 2018 apologizing for the "counterfeit car", the suit says.

FactSnippet No. 813,717 - Comedians

233. In 2008, Kevin Smith was overweight and his weight was over 400 pounds.

FactSnippet No. 143,151 - Comedians

234. Steve Martin performed a 10-minute routine before turning the stage over to Seinfeld.

FactSnippet No. 781,354 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

235. Ricky Gervais was trained for the three-round contest by famous boxing trainer brothers Frank and Eugene Maloney, at their Fight Factory gymnasium.

FactSnippet No. 775,360 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

236. Jerry Seinfeld is the only actor to appear in every episode of the show.

FactSnippet No. 3,380 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

237. Larry David was nominated for an Emmy award 19 times for Seinfeld, winning twice—once for best comedy and once for writing.

FactSnippet No. 702,713 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

238. Kevin Smith went to Twitter where he offered Stan Lee to go stay with him or to let his fans buy him a house to get away from the abuse.

FactSnippet No. 143,155 - Comedians

239. Kevin Smith co-starred as Sam in the film Catch and Release, starring Jennifer Garner.

FactSnippet No. 769,849 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

240. Jimmy Kimmel has taken aim at one of the most bizarre products to be advertised on US TV this year.

FactSnippet No. 99,882 - Comedians

241. Stephen Colbert was notable for other moments when his character entered into "real world" events.

FactSnippet No. 820,820 - Comedians

242. Stephen Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements—either on-screen or in voice-over—starting with an appearance as "Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar" in a 1982 advert for Whitbread Best Bitter.

FactSnippet No. 806,846 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

243. Amy Schumer explained that when she met Hawn she "told her there's a movie I really want to make with her", she said.

FactSnippet No. 790,854 - Comedians

244. Stephen Colbert was notable for other moments when his character entered into "real world" events.

FactSnippet No. 806,145 - Comedians

245. Kristen Wiig got a mention in the 2012 listing of The 100 Most Influential People in the World by Times Magazine.

FactSnippet No. 856,270 - Comedians

246. In 2007, The Colbert Report added New York Time's Best Selling author to his long list of accomplishments, after the release of his book I Am America reached number one on the list.

FactSnippet No. 194,899 - Comedians

247. In 2017 Russell Brand launched a new podcast called Under the Skin with Russell Brand which has him interviewing guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts.

FactSnippet No. 775,269 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

248. Tiffany Haddish is ready to head out on her first tour.

FactSnippet No. 18,437 - Comedians

249. In 2017, Kevin Hart launched his own streaming app called Laugh Out Loud, which is devoted to comedy shows.

FactSnippet No. 773,009 - Comedians

250. Larry David was a member of St Jude the Apostle Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus.

FactSnippet No. 695,716 - Comedians

251. Stephen Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements—either on-screen or in voice-over—starting with an appearance as "Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar" in a 1982 advert for Whitbread Best Bitter.

FactSnippet No. 806,153 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

252. Russell Brand is rumored to be joining the A-list cast for 2012's "Rock of Ages", playing the role of Lonnie.

FactSnippet No. 839,096 - Comedians

253. Kate McKinnon entranced as an attribute on Saturday Night Live in 7th of April, 2012.

FactSnippet No. 250,575 - Comedians

254. Steve Harvey got his start in stand-up comedy, which led to TV roles such as host of Showtime at the Apollo and the star of a WB sitcom.

FactSnippet No. 830,024 - Comedians

255. Conan O'Brien disagreed, feeling that Kudrow was being overly flattering and that asserting he was happy as a writer.

FactSnippet No. 36,763 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

256. Jimmy Fallon has average built body standing with the height of 6 feet.

FactSnippet No. 772,858 - Comedians

257. Jim Carrey is an advocate of the Law of Attraction, the pseudoscientific theory that thinking about something hard enough will make it happen.

FactSnippet No. 774,510 - Comedians

258. Jimmy Kimmel attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas for one year and Arizona State University for two years but never received a degree.

FactSnippet No. 765,203 - Comedians

259. Jim Carrey starred in the music video of the film's closing song, "Leave Me Alone" by Jerry Cantrell.

FactSnippet No. 774,462 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

260. Bill Cosby gave her a muffin and said, "alright" and she left, the documents say.

FactSnippet No. 806,953 - Comedians

261. Russell Brand previously worked as the brand and events director for the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

FactSnippet No. 75,866 - Comedians

262. Conan O'Brien got his nickname "Coco" after the second episode of his Tonight Show run.

FactSnippet No. 797,114 - Comedians

263. Jimmy Fallon reveals White House plan to get Trump off of his iPhone in Best of Late Night.

FactSnippet No. 9,151 - Comedians

264. Steve Martin portrayed President Donald Trump's former aide during an interview with Tucker Carlson, and they discussed the seven charges against Stone.

FactSnippet No. 821,117 - Comedians

265. On 8 January 2008, Russell Brand was the fifth celebrity to "hijack" the Big Brother house, in the E4 show Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack.

FactSnippet No. 775,256 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

266. In December 2013, Ricky Gervais bought a $1000 cake shaped like a moonbear to raise funds for Animal Asia.

FactSnippet No. 6,613 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

267. Stephen Colbert began Tuesday's Late Show talking about the weather—specifically, the really, really cold weather that's slamming the upper Midwest.

FactSnippet No. 775,143 - Comedians

268. On November 12, 2016, Dave Chappelle made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, with A Tribe Called Quest as musical guest.

FactSnippet No. 31,399 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

269. Conan O'Brien goes from desk to stage with stand-up tour at the Fillmore.

FactSnippet No. 12,089 - Comedians

270. Amy Schumer explained that when she met Hawn she "told her there's a movie I really want to make with her", she said.

FactSnippet No. 830,317 - Comedians

271. In March 2010, Jason Manford took part in Channel 4's Comedy Gala, a benefit show held in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, filmed live at the O2 Arena in London on 30 March.

FactSnippet No. 53,246 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

272. Paul Reiser is an American comedian, actor, writer, and musician.

FactSnippet No. 52,400 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

273. Woody Allen has won four Academy Awards: three for Best Original Screenplay and one for Best Director.

FactSnippet No. 805,213 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

274. Ricky Gervais began developing quite a fan base in the United States after The Office was aired on the BBC America cable channel.

FactSnippet No. 775,366 - Comedians

275. Jay Leno writes occasional "Motormouth" articles for The Sunday Times, reviewing high-end sports cars and giving his humorous take on motoring matters.

FactSnippet No. 49,303 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

276. Steve Harvey never specified who exactly could be a contender for his "Blue Cheese Award" honoring the best-dressed person, so his high-profile pick might turn a few heads.

FactSnippet No. 13,199 - Comedians

277. Dennis Miller made an appearance, and was invited to ride in the Presidential limousine and fly on Air Force One so he could host the President's second fundraiser that day, a dinner at Los Angeles, where he appeared with Johnny Mathis and Kelsey Grammer.

FactSnippet No. 49,976 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

278. Kevin Smith vowed never to work at the something that he did not correctly enjoy.

FactSnippet No. 143,185 - Comedians

279. Ricky Gervais surprises Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb with a visit during their morning chat.

FactSnippet No. 56,869 - Comedians

280. In 2009, Steve Martin released his first all-music album, The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo with appearances from stars such as Dolly Parton.

FactSnippet No. 37,329 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

281. The Colbert Report got his start in comedy at the famous Second City improv theatre in Chicago, Illinois, where he would hone his skills on the stage and on the road, meeting several friends and future collaborators.

FactSnippet No. 194,889 - Comedians

282. Dennis Miller went back to stand-up comedy, performing at colleges and preparing for an HBO special.

FactSnippet No. 49,943 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

283. Bill Cosby left high school without earning his diploma and joined the US Navy in 1956.

FactSnippet No. 776,265 - Comedians

284. Jerry Seinfeld is the creator and host of the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

FactSnippet No. 778,120 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

285. Conan O'Brien was listed on the 100 most influential people by Time in 2010.

FactSnippet No. 773,732 - Comedians

286. Jimmy Carr appeared at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal in July 2011.

FactSnippet No. 3,477 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

287. Billy Connolly became a grandfather in 2001, when Cara gave birth to Walter.

FactSnippet No. 231,438 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

288. Dave Chappelle will be paid $60 million, $20 million for each of the three specials.

FactSnippet No. 796,165 - Comedians

289. In 2015 Larry David made his Broadway debut in Fish in the Dark, which he wrote.

FactSnippet No. 694,950 - Comedians

290. Billy Crystal wrote a book entitled 700 Sundays which was published in 2005.

FactSnippet No. 868,505 - Comedians

291. Kristen Wiig was born August 22, 1973, in Canandaigua, New York.

FactSnippet No. 856,273 - Comedians

292. Russell Brand began performing in the United States and recorded a special for Comedy Central titled Russell Brand in New York, which aired in March 2009.

FactSnippet No. 775,318 - Comedians

293. Bill Cosby produced the spin-off sitcom A Different World, which aired from 1987 to 1993.

FactSnippet No. 1,132 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

294. In 2006 Jimmy Fallon showed a more dramatic side in Factory Girl.

FactSnippet No. 772,870 - Comedians

295. Jimmy Carr is twice as funny—comedian adds extra show as he brings new tour to Lowestoft.

FactSnippet No. 57,378 - Comedians

296. Amy Schumer married chef and farmer Chris Fischer on February 13, 2018 in Malibu, California.

FactSnippet No. 764,280 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

297. Trevor Noah has a new solution for the border, and it doesn't involve sending troops.

FactSnippet No. 34,585 - Comedians

298. Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle recently made a trip to London for their joint comedy tour.

FactSnippet No. 34,740 - Comedians

299. Ellen DeGeneres has a blast every year on her Halloween episode, but on Wednesday, the funny lady outdid herself.

FactSnippet No. 10,355 - Comedians

300. Dennis Miller has appeared in several films, in both comedic and non-comedic roles.

FactSnippet No. 49,962 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

301. Jimmy Fallon co-hosted the show's recurring news sketch "Weekend Update" with Tina Fey.

FactSnippet No. 772,828 - Comedians

302. Kevin Smith reached out to Lee via a public message on Twitter earlier this year after reports that Lee was a victim of elder abuse after the passing of his wife.

FactSnippet No. 143,074 - Comedians

303. Amy Schumer took the long way around to announce she's pregnant with husband Chris Fischer.

FactSnippet No. 57,002 - Comedians

304. Jimmy Carr studied social sciences and political science at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

FactSnippet No. 778,368 - Comedians

305. In 2010, Stephen Fry provided the voice of Socrates the Lion in the environmental animated film Animals United.

FactSnippet No. 7,623 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

306. Amy Schumer explained that when she met Hawn she "told her there's a movie I really want to make with her", she said.

FactSnippet No. 839,143 - Comedians

307. Jimmy Kimmel has two other kids from his first marriage to Gina Maddy.

FactSnippet No. 765,225 - Comedians

308. Steve Martin reprised the role in 2009's The Pink Panther 2.

FactSnippet No. 781,361 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

309. Stephen Colbert was notable for other moments when his character entered into "real world" events.

FactSnippet No. 813,588 - Comedians

310. Jerry Seinfeld announces first UK shows in 8 years for 2019.

FactSnippet No. 69,083 - Comedians

311. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a producer for television and film, a comedian and voice actress, and a screenwriter.

FactSnippet No. 878,430 - Comedians

312. Kristen Wiig was born in Canandaigua, New York and raised in Rochester.

FactSnippet No. 856,253 - Comedians

313. Billy Connolly provides the voice for King Fergus in Pixar's Brave.

FactSnippet No. 231,471 - Comedians

314. Larry David was nominated for an Emmy award 19 times for Seinfeld, winning twice—once for best comedy and once for writing.

FactSnippet No. 708,543 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

315. Jimmy Fallon was born on September 19, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York.

FactSnippet No. 772,825 - Comedians

316. Tiffany Haddish has two half-sisters and two half-brothers, the result of her mother getting remarried.

FactSnippet No. 219,995 - Comedians

317. Jerry Seinfeld says "Hello, Newman" only 15 times in the entire series.

FactSnippet No. 830,524 - Comedians

318. Stephen Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements—either on-screen or in voice-over—starting with an appearance as "Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar" in a 1982 advert for Whitbread Best Bitter.

FactSnippet No. 813,596 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

319. Stephen Colbert originally studied to be a dramatic actor, but became interested in improvisational theatre while attending Northwestern University, where he met Second City director Del Close.

FactSnippet No. 763,817 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

320. On February 17, 2012, Chris Hardwick filmed Mandroid, his first one-hour stand-up special for Comedy Central in New York City.

FactSnippet No. 205,420 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

321. Ken Dodd was inducted into the exclusive show business fraternity, the Grand Order of Water Rats.

FactSnippet No. 118,691 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

322. Stephen Colbert inquired as to why Carell has switched over to performing in more dramas as seen in his recent films Welcome to Marwen and Vice.

FactSnippet No. 824,948 - Comedians

323. Stephen Fry was awarded an honorary degree from Anglia Ruskin University in 2005.

FactSnippet No. 7,639 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

324. In 2009, Janeane Garofalo joined the cast of 24, where she starred as Janis Gold.

FactSnippet No. 52,839 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

325. Dave Chappelle had dabbled in developing television pilots beginning in the early 1990s.

FactSnippet No. 796,181 - Comedians

326. Trevor Noah plays to the crowd during a live taping of Monday night's edition of "The Daily Show" at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

FactSnippet No. 10,423 - Comedians

327. Sarah Silverman guest-starred in a second-season episode of the USA cable program Monk as Marci Maven.

FactSnippet No. 780,979 - Comedians - en.wikipedia.org

328. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is the author of several books, including My Point.

FactSnippet No. 878,425 - Comedians

329. Jerry Lewis and Jim Carrey played klutzes but they were klutzes you could cheer for.

FactSnippet No. 33,250 - Comedians